Partnership Brings A World In Motion STEM Challenges to kidsLINK Afterschool

14 kidsLINK Afterschool program coordinators from Bozeman and Belgrade spent a day training with Pat Schneider, Program Manager for Rocky Mountain A World In Motion (AWIM) Initiative.

kidsLINK Aftershchool programs will use AWIM kits to enhance students interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in their world.  The kits offer a variety of challenging and fun activities that focus on STEM, as well as team building and problem solving. 

These educational tools and activities are provided through a partnership between Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative and the philanthropic arm of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International.  AWIM STEM Challenges are the "Gold Standard" for STEM Challenges.

Pat's role as Program Manager for Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative is to bridge the gap between business and education through a partnership with the Office of Public Instruction (OPI), Montana Ambassadors and SAE International.  This model, which began in Montana, will be used to implement AWIM throughout Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, continuing down the "Rocky Mountain Chain of States".

Enjoy the photo gallery of their day of laughing and learning!