Basic Needs

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Basic Needs

All community members experience an improved quality of life because more people’s basic needs are met. 


Our 4 Community Impact Areas are designed to deliver positive lasting change by forging innovative partnerships, finding new solutions to old problems, cultivating the best resources and inspiring action to create the change we all want to see in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties.

PDF of GGUW Strategic Plan for Basic Needs - 2018-2023  

Strategic Focus Area Statement for Basic Needs (In 5 years, what will be different for our community?)

  • All community members experience an improved quality of life because more people’s basic needs are met. 

Strategic Outcomes for Basic Needs (What results are we trying achieve?)

At risk community members have:

  • food security;
  • affordable housing;
  • access to affordable quality child care; and
  • access to community resources.

Strategic Objectives for Basic Needs  (What will GGUW do to ensure outcomes happen; what tasks and/or action?)

  • Fund key direct service programs through the Community Investment Fund, including HRDC Housing First and Youth Transitional Housing, HAVEN, Women In Action Big Sky, kidsLINK Afterschool Program...
  • Perform advocacy, community outreach and education (i.e. letter and presentation to Bozeman City Commisioners)
  • Build awareness of Help Center / 2-1-1 Crisis and Resource Referral 24/7 Call Center
  • Take active role in and help fund collective impact coalitions including Greater Gallatin Homeless Action Coaltiom (GGHAC), Seat At The Table, Park County Community Health Improvement Program, and Community Organizations Assisting iIn Disaster Relief (COAD)...
  • Deliver programs supporting financial stability of working families through our kidsLINK Afterschool Program, which provides a safe and enriching place for kids to go while there parents finish their work day
  • Fund, deliver and participate in events supporting basic needs such as Community Connect, Shower Project, etc.
  • Promote individual and team volunteerism for community organizations and initiatives through and employers 

Strategic 5-year Goals for Basic Needs (What specific, measurable goals GGUW has in place to help achieve outcomes?)

  • GGUW is leading community awareness of the importance of funding programs and services that focus on basic needs.
  • GGUW is supporting effective and efficient collaborative work around basic needs.
  • There is a reduction in the number of people whose basic needs are not being met, as measured by the number of homeless youth/families who are on waiting lists for services.
  • No child has to be home alone after school in Gallatin and Park Counties.
  • The number of calls to the Help Center 2-1-1 increased 100%, from 16,477 to 32,000.  
  • 500 new early childcare and education slots are available in Gallatin County, a 25% increase.
  • GGUW has a clear and defined role for disaster relief via Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD).

Why focus on Basic Needs?

  • MT ranks 18 out of 50 for Economic Well-Being (Indicators: children living in poverty- adults and 2 children with annual income below $24,036, children whose parents lack secure employment, children living in housing with high housing cost burden-30% of monthly household pretax income is spent on housing-related expenses).
  • In MT, child care is the largest expense for families with median incomes (average cost for a four-year old is $7,900/year and $9,000/year for an infant).
  • Our community spends $28,305 annually/homeless person.  The annual cost to connect a homeless person with stable housing and supportive services is $11,860.
  • The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Bozeman is $1,022/month, which requires a living wage of $16.44/hour.
  • The average price of a new home in Bozeman is $364,500, which requires a living wage of $17.96/hour for a dual-income household.
  • The average annual wages for Gallatin County workers is $37,639, which is 73% of the national average of $51,364.
  • The average worker earns $18.10/hour compared to the typical American worker’s $24.70/hour, which raises cost of living from 102.7% to 140.1% the national average.
  • Women earn 72.5¢ for every $1.00 men earn, ranking MT 46th.
  • MT ranks 33rd for senior long-term care and 34th for health.