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Thank you for your willingness to help our community! It’s reassuring to know volunteers stand at the ready in this time of uncertainty. COVID-19 and its effects on our region present unique challenges, and so we have important information to share with you. Our mission is to mobilize the caring power of our community, and we will continue to do so with health and safety first in mind.

Here is some important information for you as a volunteer at this time:


  1.  Although it may not feel helpful, staying home helps flatten the curve. By reducing the spread of COVID-19, you are saving lives. #flattenthecurve
  2. Please seriously consider whether it is appropriate for you to volunteer in person. If you are part of an at-risk population, please only consider volunteer opportunities that don’t require your physical presence. Members of the at-risk population include those over 65, people with asthma, women that are pregnant, and those with serious underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. By keeping yourself safe and healthy, you are helping others. 
  3. Follow volunteer guidelines. Organizations may set additional guidelines to keep community members healthy and safe, which will be listed depending on the need. Please take these seriously.
  4. As organizations strive to meet an influx of needs, this is also a great time to consider making a donation.
  5. If you are healthy, not experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, and not part of an at-risk population, explore how you can help! Click here to view current needs and sign up. Needs specific to COVID-19 are listed under the “COVID-19 Coordinated Community Response” volunteer initiative. Check back regularly to stay up-to-date. If you have trouble using the site, contact Tia at tia@greatergallatinunitedway.org or call 406.545.2244.
  6. Please refrain from creating another mutual aid group. In the interest of streamlining and coordinating our community’s efforts, we urge you to reach out to pre-existing organizations as they will indicate their volunteer needs.
  7. Please help spread accurate information and stop the spread of misinformation. If you have any questions about accessing resources or navigating services, please call 2-1-1 or click here to learn more. For up-to-date health information about COVID-19, visit Healthy Gallatin's website and the CDC webpage. For press releases, visit Gallatin Media Center.

Take care of yourself and one another.


Thank you,
The GGUW Team


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Why volunteer?

  • Take care of yourself and the community at the same time. Volunteering can lead to a healthier body, a sharper mind, and decreased stress.
  • Build skills. By regularly volunteering, your chance of employment increases by 27%.
  • Be a part of something bigger. Join the 63 million Americans that volunteer regularly. The estimated economic value of volunteering in the United States is $167 billion per year.
  • Meet new people. Almost 50% of Americans report feeling lonely some or all of the time. You could make a connection that lasts a lifetime.


Have questions about volunteering or getting involved in the community? Contact Sylvia at sylvia@greatergallatinunitedway.org, or call 406-545-2244.

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