Our Children's Success Is Our Success - Together We Can

South Central Montana is our home. The story of home promises a place for everyone — a place that offers security, safety, inclusion, prosperity. Yet too many in our community — our neighbors, our friends, our family members — aren't able to get ahead. The cycle starts early. Low-income kids become trapped in a cycle that becomes harder and harder to break as they get older.

Stand with us behind the idea that their success is our success. Together, we can break the cycle at the source — giving kids and families in poverty the chance all of us deserve. 

We start by giving low-income kids a fair shot at success in school, which we know is a ticket out of the cycle of poverty. Yet generational poverty is complex, so Greater Gallatin United Way aligns resources to help children and the families that nurture them. We bring people together to make sure everyone has access to basic health care, stable housing, quality education and meaningful work. We engage people in our diverse communities to become leaders for positive change. Together, we create healthy, well-educated, and financially stable individuals and families.

Greater Gallatin United Way is mobilizing people across our region to do whatever it takes to build stronger communities. Whether you donate money, volunteer your time and talent, or use your voice to set priorities that lift up everyone in our community — we can do more together than on our own. We are better together.