Stock or Securities Donation

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Appreciated securities provide greater benefits to you and help improve lives today and build a better tomorrow.

Gift of Stocks & Securities

  • Realize enhanced tax savings by making your gift to Greater Gallatin United Way with appreciated securities. Stocks, bonds and mutual funds can also be donated to charity and provide tax savings. When donating securities, it is important to keep in mind whether they have increased or decreased in value over time.
  • If the value of the securities has increased, consider donating them directly to the organization rather than selling them and donating the cash. Securities that you have owned for more than a year can be tax deductible at their full fair market value, not at the original cost.
  • In addition, this also allows you to bypass capital gains taxes that you would owe if you sold the securities.
  • If the value of your securities has decreased over time, you may want to sell them and then donate all or part of the proceeds. You will receive the tax deduction for the amount of the charitable gift as well as creating a loss that you may also be able to claim.

If your securities are held at a brokerage firm, contact your broker in writing and request a transfer of securities to the Greater Gallatin United Way account.

To donate appreciated stock or securities contact, Marjorie Seymour, Director of Development, 406.587.2194.