Lights on Afterschool at kidsLINK


kidsLINK Afterschool kids have been hard at work making projects to fill the display in downtown Bozeman at First Security Bank-- stroll by the bank the week of the 17th - 20th to see their projects! 



Join us and thousands of other communities around the nation celebrating after school programming on October 20!

We are so proud of our kidsLINK Afterschool program and are very happy to be part of this nationwide event. The event, taking place in October of 2022, calls attention to the importance of after school programs and the resources required to keep the 'lights on' and the doors open. It has been a challenging couple of years for after school programming with the pandemic, rising housing rates, etc., but Greater Gallatin United Way has honored our commitment to support working families and are currently serving over 1,500 kids every day.


For 25 years kidsLINK Afterschool Programs have served children and families across our region.  Established in 1997, the program was initiated with one goal in mind: so that no child has to stay home alone after school. kidsLINK Afterschool continues to grow and now operates in locations across 3 counties. We strive to overcome barriers that limit families from accessing after school care, like cost, location and capacity. The average cost of childcare in Gallatin County right now is between $40 and $60 a day. KidsLINK Afterschool is $12 a day

kidsLINK Afterschool Programs are not just a safe place for kids to be after school-- the programs are designed to be enriching, provide personal growth, and relationship building. We partner with organizations in town to provide enrichment activities to the kids like coding classes, tech club, theatre club, robotics, art classes and more. kidsLINK Afterschool also provides homework and tutoring support, resulting in increased academic achievement and more quality family time in the evening. Plus, Studies show that children who spend time with caring adults have increased self-confidence and decreased engagement in high risk behaviors. 


We love our program, but we're not the only ones!

"We are both working parents and kidsLINK [Afterschool] has been extremely helpful; and our daughter Charlotte loved it! We would have struggled often without an on-site after school program-- like many working families." 

kidsLINK Afterschool Parents Tyler and Alicia