Challenges abound for child care providers; senators signal support for additional aid

The Gallatin Valley YMCA started offering free child care for front-line workers in March. There are now 11 children on the waitlist for that service.

The Commons is donating its space for the program for K-8 kids, but it’s still an expensive endeavor for the nonprofit, YMCA CEO Andrea Stevenson said. And now businesses are reopening and more people are going back to work, but schools are staying closed.

United Way Worldwide's CEO Testified on Capital Hill about the Charitable Tax Deduction

Carol Townsend, Greater Gallatin United Way, CEO and President, was actively called upon by United Way Worldwide to help call attention to the ramifications of losing the charitable tax deduction.  UWW's CEO, Brian Gallagher sought Carol's input on the effect to Montanans should we lose this deduction.  Brian shared this information and testified last month on