Senior Stability

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Community Impact Area:  Senior Stability

Promoting healthy aging.

Our 4 Community Impact Areas are designed to deliver positive lasting change by bringing together a network of organizations, businesses and individuals to share resources and engage in results-driven Collective Impact Work.  

Community Goals/Outcomes:  (GGUW and our Board of Directors began revising our Strategic Plan Spring 2017, with the goal of completing in February 2018.  Website pages will be updated as we go through this process.  We apologize for any missing information at this time.)

  • Enhance senior mental and physical well-being.
  • Help seniors remain independent as long as possible.
  • Promote end-of-life education and support for seniors and care givers.


  • MT ranks 33rd for long-term care and 34th for health.
  • 15% of the population of MT are seniors.
  • 30% of seniors living in MT live alone.
  • 7% of MT senior households have an annual income of less than $10k and 26% less than $20k.
  • 21% of MT residents age 60 and over received food stamps in the last year.
  • The average Social Security Income in MT is $16,653/year .
  • The median household income for a MT senior is $34,580.
  • There are 27,098 working seniors in Montana.

We believe there is no problem that we can't solve together.  Join us to make change. 

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