Senior Stability

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Senior Stability

Our community is addressing current senior needs and is preparing for future demands.


Our 4 Community Impact Areas are designed to deliver positive lasting change by forging innovative partnerships, finding new solutions to old problems, cultivating the best resources and inspiring action to create the change we all want to see in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties.

PDF of GGUW Strategic Plan for Senior Stability - 2018-2023

Impact Outcomes for Senior Stability

  • Our community respects seniors's abilities to make life-changing decisions for themselves.
  • Seniors feel independent in their lives.
  • Seniors are valued as active community members.
  • Seniors are comfortable that their physical and mental well-being needs are being addressed.
  • Seniors receive necessary care, particularly those unable to live financially independent lives. 
Impact Strategies for Senior Stability
  • Fund direct service programs through the Community Investment Fund, including senior centers, Befrienders, Meals-on-Wheels, Livingston Food Resource Center, HRDC Homemaker Program, Galavan, etc.
  • Build awareness around seniors needs and inspire action through advocacy/community outreach and education
  • Promote and build volunteerism for seniors and by seniors through and engaging employees through workplace campaigns
  • Develop a 15-year plan to address the growing population of seniors and increasing needs
  • Provide professional development and learning opportunities for caregivers including ACEs Awareness, Trauma-Informed CareThe Resilience Project learning events, stress reduction, burnout prevention...


  • MT ranks 33 out of 50 for long-term care and 34 for health
  • 15% of the population of MT are seniors and it is growing
  • 30% of seniors in MT live alone
  • 7% of MT senior households' annual income is less than $10K and 26% less than $20K
  • 21% of MT residents age 60+ received food stamps in 2017
  • The average Social Security Income in MT is $16,653/year
  • The median household income for a MT senior is $34,580
  • There are 27,098 working seniors in MT