kidsLINK Afterschool rural Montana location report

“We have 33 students enrolled in Afterschool this month which is HUGE for us in October.  We had 12 enrolled this time last year.  We have also welcomed a special needs student this year who is adjusting quite well to the program but does require some extra attention.

With this being said, I am working harder to invite some upper class students to join us so that we can meet the needs of our young learners, as well as incorporate the older students into the program.  I have met with one of the kindergarten teachers to get some help on providing more activities for our K and 1st graders who have no homework during our homework time.  This is an area where we can utilize the older students.  I would also like to make certain that we are choosing the right fit for the older student.  Some may be better suited to help with homework and others may be better with the younger students learning their letters and numbers.  I am also working with some middle and high school teachers to find available student volunteers, as sports occupy many of our older students every moment.  Thank you so much for providing so much for our little school.”