Help Our Community Fight the Spread of COVID-19

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To all volunteers, organizations, businesses, and individuals in Southwest Montana:

We are encouraged and uplifted by our community’s desire to help one another and mitigate the effects of COVID-19. While we understand the urgency you may feel to act, the best thing you can do for others right now is flatten the curve and practice social distancing. #flattenthecurve

If you need to talk to someone immediately and this is not a medical emergency, please call 2-1-1 or go to This is a 24-hour hotline that can connect you to local, state, and national services, referrals, and resources.

In case of medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

This situation is changing by the day, and so it is essential you look to reputable sources such as those listed here to stay informed. Keep reading to learn how you can best #flattenthecurve, access resources, support others, and register to volunteer. Greater Gallatin United Way serves as a hub and connector for services across Gallatin, Meagher, Madison, and Park Counties. In order to not duplicate efforts and divert resources based on the highest need, we ask that you go to to set up an account and learn about the needs in our community.

Not Feeling Well?

If you are sick due to COVID-19, suspect that you have been exposed, or are taking care of someone that is sick, please follow these instructions.

Save Lives by Slowing the Spread

Provide Mental and Emotional Support

  • Are you or is someone you know in distress? For a complete list of Gallatin County Mental Health and Social Service resources, click here.
  • Connect with friends and family through text, calling, social media, and more. Sending a funny meme, a colorful e-card, or sharing your favorite Spotify playlist are fun ways to connect and practice social distancing
  • Check in on the mental health of your network. Encourage your friends and family to rest, have fun, and take care of themselves and one another. Cooking, reading, watching movies, going on short walks, playing board games, and playing music are all great ways to find calm and joy. For more resources for parents and families, check out our Facebook page
  • It is normal to feel anxious, nervous, or scared in times of uncertainty. However, it’s extra important not to get swept away by these emotions and find ways to stay grounded. Sharing what you are grateful for, taking deep breaths, and investing time in activities to de-stress is very important.

Ways to Provide Direct Support

  • For now, the best thing to do is to practice social distance and support your personal networks.
  • However, if you want to get more involved and/or would like to be notified to help with crisis relief, please create an account through It only takes a couple of minutes to create an account and you can indicate whether you would like to be contacted in a crisis, what skills you have, and what agencies or needs you would like to serve. If you are an agency with needs, please create an account. Contact Tia at if you have questions or call 406-545-2244
  • Please refrain from creating another mutual aid group. In the interest of streamlining and coordinating our community’s efforts, we urge you to reach out to pre-existing organizations as they will indicate their volunteer needs.

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