Graduation Matters Gallatin and Early Childhood Community Council - Press Release

Submitted by:
Danica Jamison, President and CEO

September 12, 2014

The Graduation Matters Gallatin (GMG) team met in August at Thrive and continued to move forward on two student success-related initiatives: 1) the creation of an Attendance Matters messaging campaign and 2) the creation of a data analytics team. A subcommittee was created for each initiative and each subcommittee will be meeting as a group in the following weeks. The Attendance Matters messaging subcommittee will be creating a marketing campaign focusing on the importance of attendance and engagement in all aspects of life and is looking to gear separate messages for both parents and students. The data analytics team subcommittee will be focusing their efforts on identifying what data and performance measures are valuable in measuring student success as well as determining what community members are needed on this team. The GMG team will be meeting again as a group in mid-September to continue work on these initiatives.

The Gallatin Early Childhood Community Council (ECCC) held its annual meeting in Augst as well at the Museum of the Rockies. Kirsten Smith, a consultant from Bloom Consulting, led the group in a discussion about current work done in the community that supports ECCC's Kindergarten transition, early grade reading and high school graduation community outcomes. The group identified several areas where this work is done and will utilize next month's meeting in mid-September to identify any gaps in support and determine what performance measures will be needed for the upcoming year to help ECCC measure success.

For more information, contact Danica Jamison, Greater Gallatin United Way, 406.587.2194