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April 2, 2013

Mr. Darren Schlepp

Principal, Whittier Elementary School

Dear Mr. Schlepp:

I’m writing to thank you for giving so much space and resources to Greater Gallatin United Way kidsLINK afterschool program.  My children, Rachel and Mark Roberts, attend the program and love it.  Having the after school program at Whittier has been so helpful, both for the children and for us as working parents.

My children are in kindergarten and first grade.  The after-school program has given them a wonderful opportunity to get to know children from other classrooms and grades.   The activities are fun and enrich the experience they have during the school day.   My children often complain when I pick them up because they’re so engaged in the activity—I can’t think of much higher praise.

Under the leadership of Katelin St. Peter-Blair, the program has been fun and effective.  She has worked wonderfully with the kids, is excellent at keeping parents informed, and is wonderfully flexible in addressing family needs.  My work involves a lot of client meetings, so I often have last-minute schedule changes that necessitate additional days in the after school program.  Katelin has been absolutely wonderful at working with us as our after school needs change. 

We’ve also been lucky enough to see Katelin in the classroom this semester, since she is the student teacher in Amy Fraser’s class.  Rachel adores her in the classroom.  I’ve been volunteering to provide science enrichment with some of the kids, and Katelin has also given me resources and tips for working with six lively first graders.

Thanks for making this great partnership between Whittier and United Way a continuing reality.  I don’t know what we’d do without the after school program.

Karen Filipovich