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We can change the world by working together.

United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability for everyone in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties.

Unite with us against the cycle of poverty and transform the life of a child or neighbor in need. Help build a stronger community right at home.  Donate Today to Greater Gallatin United Way

Greater Gallatin United Way is the community leader in collective impact-driven work.  We believe that real long-term change is best generated by working collectively through a common agenda.  As a centralized philanthropic organization, focusing on human services in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties.  We convene individuals and organizations to deliver effective and efficient solutions to address local community issues around Education, Health and Financial Stability.

Opportunities to finaically support our work include:

Other opportunities to get involved include:

  • Team or individual volunteer opportunities.  Individauls should check out  If you are interested in a volunteer event/engagment for a team, please contact Sylvia Drain via email or call 406.587.2194
  • Join a Board or committee - We would love to talk with you about GGUW's Board of Directors or help you find a match with another organization.  Please email or call 406.587.2194.
  • Simply contact us and let's talk!

Join us to make positive change in our community.  Support YOUR United Way. Contact Majorie Seymour 406.587.2194 or donate online today.