The Resilience Project



The Resilience Project is a well-being initiative of Greater Gallatin United Way - offering behavioral health & mental well-being education & outreach.


Greater Gallatin United Way launched The Resilience Project as one strategy to build healthier and more resilient communities. The Resilience Project aims to drive a shift towards a new collective mindset of behavioral health and mental wellbeing. When we are more aware and value behavioral health and mental wellbeing as much as physical health, we improve whole-person health.

In 2015, a team began to formulate ideas to bring greater awareness about resilience and how to develop it within individuals and a community. The team orchestrated a 2½ day Resilience Conference attended by individuals from nonprofits, schools, government agencies, law enforcement, the medical community, businesses and faith organizations. Attendees began asking for more. Today, we have established a number of resilience-focused workshops for individuals, organizations, and workplaces.

Through collective efforts we are raising awareness about behavioral health and mental wellbeing; encouraging people to learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental health and illness; sharing resources that support recovery and mental wellbeing; and, providing tools and strategies for building resilience. We believe these efforts will result in healthier and more resilient communities.

The Resilience Project is just one impact strategy GGUW utilizes to help build a healthier and more resilient community.

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Awareness Campaign Efforts

Greater Gallatin United Way was a member of the Elevating Behavioral Health (EBH) Coalition until it integrated with the Crisis Redesign Committee. We are also a member of the Gallatin Behavioral Health Coalition. Working with other community partners, including Bozeman Health, Community Health Partners, Bozeman Help Center, Gallatin City-County Health Department, LW49, HRDC, MSU Counseling and Psychological Services, Bozeman School District #7, Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County, and the Gallatin County Mental Health Local Advisory Council, we are striving to improve the behavioral health system in our region. In addition to improving access to services, one goal of the coalition is to reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health and asking for help. The group recently launched the "Are You In?" campaign and wrapped up the Man Therapy Campaign in September, 2021.

Man Therapy Campaign

In the fall of 2019, the Elevating Behavioral Health (EBH) Coalition invested time and capital into an awareness campaign focused on mental health and well-being. Since mental health and well-being is a broad topic, we used data to hone in on areas of need where an awareness campaign could make an impact. Based on these and other sobering truths about suicide - it is the 10th leading cause of death nationally, Montana has ranked in the top 5 states for suicide deaths for decades, and men die by suicide four times more often than women - EBH chose to focus on raising awareness around mental health among working-aged men (aged 25-64) and the people who care about them. Because of its proven effectiveness in similar geographic regions, we chose a campaign known as Man Therapy, developed in Colorado in 2012 and distributed across numerous states through a licensing agreement with the original design team (Grit Digital Health and Cactus Marketing). Through traditional and alternative marketing strategies, EBH brought Man Therapy to Gallatin, Madison, and Park Counties, Montana from March 2020 through September 2021. 

View the Man Therapy Campaign Final Report here.



Funding support for The Resilience Project is provided by a generous grant from: