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Do things that matter.    Operate well.    Grow resources and relationships.

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Who We Are

Communities face problems that sometimes persist for generations.  Problems that no single person or organization can solve on their own.   That’s where we come in. 

GGUW works for the health, education and financial stability of every person in Gallatin, Madison, Meagher, Park Counties.  We go beyond single-issue solutions and temporary fixes and tackle root causes to  impact thousands of lives every year and create lasting positive change that lifts up everyone.

How We Do It

We do it by harnessing the passion of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors. We do it by mobilizing the best resources, forging unlikely partnerships, utilizing existing community assets and offering new solutions to old problems. 

As the community leader in Collective Impact work, we have raised and invested more than $14M to build stronger communities, and partner with hundreds of businesses and organizations from every sector of society to work toward a common agenda. 

For more 39 years, Greater Gallatin United Way has been the unifying force that brings people together to work hard for a better life and a stronger community.

What We Do

Childhood Success
We ensure that children build a strong early foundation by providing parents with tools to support their child’s development and education, improving learning environments, enriching out-of-school time programs, and helping children and their families overcome nonacademic barriers to success in school and life.

Youth Success
We ensure that youth can obtain a job that will sustain a family by providing academic support outside school, preparing youth for transition into the workforce, and connecting families to the resources and services they need to support their kids.

Economic Mobility
We ensure that people are able to improve their socio-economic status by creating pathways to in-demand jobs with potential for advancement, and empowering them to better manage their money and get on more solid financial ground.     
Article:  Understanding The Unemployment Rate, MT Dept of Labor & Industry 06.16

Access To Health
We ensure that people can live healthier lives by connecting them to quality affordable health services, providing support for parents trying to raise healthy children, and increasing access to healthy foods and engaging physical activity.

GGUW's 5 Intiatives that address the quality of life for the whole community, from babies to seniors. Click for PDF Document

GGUW is a leader in collective impact-driven work, addressing the human service needs of Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties.  We believe that real long-term change is best generated by a united effort, working collectively through a common agenda.  Our work is comprised of the following permanent initiatives.

1.  Community Investment/Impact - Funds raised in GGUW's annual fundraising campaign are invested into local human service programs aimed at combating poverty and supporting education and health initiatives. 

2.  GGUW kidsLINK Afterschool – A GGUW initiative established in 1997 in response to an identified need in our rural communities; to keep children safe while their parents finished their work day.   Today, this school-based/linked program operates in 29 locates across 4 counties and serves over 1,611 children every day. 

3.  Montana Afterschool Alliance (MTAA) -   Over 10 years ago, GGUW was selected to spearhead a statewide initiative for out-of-school time programming.  Today, GGUW is the fiscal agent for MTAA, which is an established  statewide network of key stakeholders who champion for the success of all out-of-school time programs in Montana. 

4.  Gallatin Early Childhood Community Council (ECCC) and MT Project LAUNCH Initiative - GGUW serves as the convener and fiscal agent for ECCC, which is a community-wide collaborative effort providing leadership to community partners with the goal of creating an efficient, effective and comprehensive system of early childhood services in the Greater Gallatin area to ensure that every child has a healthy and enriched beginning.  GGUW and ECCC are partners in Montana Project LAUNCH Initiative (MT-PLI), an $800,000 per year, 5-year federal SAMSHA grant received by MT Dept. of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) in September 2014.  The objective is to engage Montana’s early childhood partners to improve systems and access to mental health services for young children and families in our rural state while piloting evidence-based practices in Gallatin and Park Counties.

5.  Volunteer Connections / Volunteermt.org - This GGUW initiative is to build volunteer engagement by providing a central resource for non-profit organizations to share quality volunteer opportunities with community members.  The goals are to build the capacity for local volunteering, raise awareness of the value volunteers bring to our communities, and to mobilize volunteers to effectively and efficiently meet local needs.