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A Collective Approach to Community Problem Solving

We believe that no problem is so big that we can’t solve it together, but it takes all of us: fundraisers, handraisers, changemakers, partners, and YOU to create lasting change.

No one organization alone in isolation can solve complex community problems. The only way we can create real, lasting change is by innovating the way people, organizations, and systems work together.  As a leader in collective impact-driven work, Greater Gallatin United Way addresses the human service needs of Gallatin, Madison, Meagher and Park Counties.

Collective Impact requires that everyone work together in partnership – businesses, cities, government, schools, churches, foundations, and nonprofit organizations – to tackle our most pressing challenges and develop lasting solutions. By working this way, we all move towards the same clear goals.  Our work in 5 initiatives.

United Way Worldwide 2017 Video - LIVE UNITED